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Callahan Tunnel Vent Building #12

Callahan Tunnel Vent Building #12

Project: Exterior Facade Replacement
Location: Boston, MA 
Owner: MassDOT

Demolition of the exterior facade of the existing Callahan Tunnel Vent Building No. 12 in Boston including: Vertical and horizontal concrete patching including preparation and final cleaning; Furnishing and installing brick-faced architectural precast concrete facade units, consisting of prefabricated wall panels with light-gauge metal framing backup, reinforcement of fabricated units, structural steel inserts, lifting hooks, anchor units, angles, plates and dowels; Maintaining existing stone masonry including cleaning exposed stone surfaces, repainting mmtar joints and repainting joints with elastomeric sealant; Fabricating and installing metal items including steel framing and supports, applications of framing and supports, loose bearing and leveling plates, shelf angles and formed copings; Furnishing and installing rough carpentry including blocking and miscellaneous wood, plywood wall lining for telephone and electric closets, and rough hardware; Furnishing and installing joint sealants including preparation of sealant substrate surfaces, sealant and backing at interior/exterior vertical/horizontal joints to maintain weather tight conditions, and air infiltration control; Furnishing and installing firestopping used in locations including penetration of walls, floors and fire rated assemblies; Furnishing and installing exterior hollow metal doors in metal frames with transom lites; Furnishing and installing exterior steel insulated overhead coiling door assemblies with motor operators and controls; Furnishing and installing fixed extruded storm resistant louvers with bird screens, blank­off panels, structural supports and attachment brackets; Furnishing and installing gypsum board including abuse-resistant gypsum board and fire rated gypsum board for walls; Furnishing and installing resilient base and accessories; Removing, cleaning and reinstalling exterior dimensional letter signage.

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